The only Van Gogh painting that is not for sale - Almond Blossoms

The Almond Blossom is the one and only painting that the Van Gogh family refused to sell. 

Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossom

(Figure 1: Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh has painted countless paintings in his lifetime. Although many did not contribute to his fame until he passed away, there were still numerous masterpieces that won over people's hearts for centuries. Due to the popularity and the scarcity of the remaining pieces, each piece was assigned with a substantial monetary value, easily going up to thousands of millions. 


So why was the Almond Blossom not for sale? 

This painting was specifically painted for the birth of Van Gogh's nephew. Almond Blossom signals life. The baby blue background contrasts with the white blossom, showing the purity of a newborn. If you look closely, you will notice that the tree branches aren't simply moving up, that is because it was painted from the perspective of lying down underneath and looking up at the sky, hence the baby blue background color. 

This was painted in Van Gogh's last year of his life, a very painful year for him as he was suffering from his illness. Therefore, many of his works at this time was full of tragic elements. All except for the Almond Blossom, as it was just peaceful.

Vincent once told his brother, that Almond Blossom is his best work of all time. As he felt inner peace during the creation and felt at one with his painting. There was no hesitation or changes throughout the creation process. It must be the joy of the newborn that alleviated his pain and suffering. All he wanted to express in that art piece was best wishes for the newborn nephew. 

The Almond Blossom, blossoming beautifully and magnificently, yet so pure and peaceful, can immediately bring the audience into a timeless horizon. For many who can't appreciate Van Gogh's usual artworks, they will still be able to admire this piece. This is what makes the painting so special. Van Gogh essentially poured the last bits of purity and happiness of him into this painting before going back to his pain and suffering days. 


Currently, the painting is collected by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam Netherlands. 

Vincent Van Gogh museum's Almond Blossom